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"Beyond the Ivory Tower: Labor Market Returns to Greek Membership," with Wesley Routon. LABOUR, forthcoming.

The gender of opponents: Explaining gender differences in performance and risk-taking?," with Michael Jetter. European Economic Review, forthcoming. IZA Discussion Paper version available here for download

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Working Papers

"What Happens the Morning After? Post-Baccalaureate Health, Marital, and Educational Impacts of Greek Organization Membership," with Wesley Routon. Working paper version available on SSRN here. Under review.

"Risk-taking across gender and age: Evidence from Jeopardy! contestants," with Michael Jetter. IZA Discussion paper version is available here.  

"At what age does the anchoring heuristic develop? Evidence from the US game show Jeopardy!," with
Michael Jetter.

"Referent Points and Taxpayers’ Compliance: Insights into Taxpayers’ Risk Preferences for Honest Reporting," with Ian Burt and Linda Thorne.

Works in Progress

"College Internships and Student Outcomes: A Multiple-Treatment Matching Approach," with
Wesley Routon.

"Media Coverage and Mass Shootings in the United States," with
Michael Jetter.

"When is it "big-time" college athletics? NCAA Division II/III sports success and its spillovers."

Professional Reports and Editor Reviewed Publications

"ISM Buffalo Report on Business and Economist Report." Monthly basis Fall 2012 to April 2017.

Going Greek: Academics, Personal Change, and Life after College,” with Wesley Routon. Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, Vol. 48, No. 1 (2016) p. 60-66.

"A Tax Burden Comparison of the Memphis MSA." with Jeffrey Wallace and Katie Graffam. October 2012. {full text pdf}

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"Impacts of Health Reform in Tennessee: An Examination in Health Insurance Coverage, Use of Health Care Resources, and the Economic Contribution of Health Care." with Dr. Cyril Chang, John Gnuschke, Jeffrey Wallace, and David Mirvis. January 2012. {full text pdf}

"The Economic Impact of the 2011 Memphis in May International Festival: A Review of Economic Benefits." with Jeffrey Wallace. November 2011. Press coverage here and Memphis in May official press release here.

"The Development of Quiet Zones in Memphis, Tennessee" Intermodal Freight Transportation Institute and Sparks Bureau of Business and Economic Research, May 2011. {full text pdf} Press video coverage here and print coverage here

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"Impacts of Health Reform in Shelby County, Tennessee: An Examination of Changes in Health Insurance Coverage, Use of Health Care Resources, and the Economic Contribution of Health Care," with Cyril Chang, Rebecca Pope, John Gnuschke, Jeffrey Wallace, David Mirvis, and Ioana Sofia Pacurar. December 2010 Policy Impact Study. {full text pdf} Press coverage here.