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Economic Data

St. Louis Federal Reserve FRED data site, or as students from my classes would hopefully remember Google 'Fred fed'

Shadowstats - Alternative estimates of many data series you can obtain from the Fed. - "Meta" data site listing other sites where data can be obtained.

Economagic - Many macroeconomic data series can be obtained here.

Over time, I hope to post various datasets and files to the site which I have used that others may find useful or interesting.  

Following a local news story, I decided I wanted to prove a local weatherman right or wrong and downloaded local daily weather statistics from the NOAA for Memphis International Airport for 1940 to 2010.  That is available here as an Excel file.

October 2009 Memphis, Tennessee Election results as a percentage of registered voters and total Memphis population when A.C. Wharton was elected here.

Here is a amortization table that I use as an example when teaching the time value of money in classes. This would help estimate how a loan could be paid off more quickly with additional payments or the total interest paid on a loan.

NU Freshman Orientation Presentations

In both Fall 2014 and 2015 I made presentations to groups from the incoming fall classes, we were given reign to present on anything we wanted. I promised those students if they were interested after the fact the slides would be made available if any were to want to see them after the fact, they are below.

Fall 2014 - What do marshmallows have to do with the rest of your life?
Fall 2015 - Welcome to the 1 percent!

Software tutorials and help sites

UCLA's Help Page for SAS/STATA/SPSS/R - Looking for a book in a library?  This site runs a meta search worldwide.


The Onion

In particular, here is an Onion article I often mention in classes regarding Ben Bernanke having an existential epiphany regarding money.

The economics of Seinfeld here.
Examples of economic principles using episodes/clips of The Office here.


Memphis Runners Website - Has links to local running routes and race schedules.

Arkansas Runner Race Calendar - Links to a number of races around Arkansas, many I was not aware of until seeing the site.

MapMyRun - Website allowing you to map running routes and share them with others, you can log running times and keep up with training.